Schaeffler India CSR philosophy

Regular engagement with different stakeholder groups forms an integral part of our business strategy. We strive to make a meaningful difference guided by the philosophy of \'सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः\’ (May everyone be happy). Schaeffler India as a part of its CSR program has consolidated its activities and focus exclusively on a few core areas which will make a meaningful impact on the community and make a difference. HOPE is Schaeffler India’s umbrella initiative encompassing the values, vision, and mission of the organization. It is derived from the four core areas of focus – Healthcare, Occupational skill, Preservation of national heritage, art & culture and Empowerment of society. Under HOPE, Schaeffler India runs several initiatives for the four focus areas.

Schaeffler India Ltd. under its CSR banner “HOPE” has opened the door of opportunity for the underprivileged youth through Schaeffler Technical Enhancement Program. Replacing the ‘sans’ of their lives with a ‘sense’ of pride and accomplishment. Schaeffler India under its CSR initiative aims to empower the youth of our society – helping them to rise to their potential.

Education is crucial for the overall growth and development of every human being and more so for aspiring students coming from financially underprivileged backgrounds. To accelerate the educational quotient, Schaeffler India’s educational programs address the need of the hour and fosters the youth by providing open access to quality education using a multi-pronged approach:

  • Providing access to quality education by supporting infrastructural and academic needs of the two adopted Schools out of which one happens to be a special School.
  • Supporting Skill Training initiative for the differently-abled and underprivileged.
  • Planning to offer Scholarships to meritorious students.

The bottom line is that educational outreach efforts have the capability to make a real and lasting difference.