Application Form


Full Name Birth Date Sex Relation Education Occupation Monthly Income
If yes, specify the name of business and income(In Lacs)

Standard Year Total Marks % Marks

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  • Both student and parent/guardian agree that the information provided is true to the best of their knowledge and the student shall abide by the rules set by Schaeffler Scholarship Program and will follow the instructions at any stage of whole scholarship process.
  • The students and parent/guardian hereby understand, agree and undertake that they shall not hold Schaeffler India responsible if scholarship is not disbursed to the particular student due to selection criteria limitations and no legal action will be taken against Schaeffler India.
  • If the student is found taking private educational scholarship from any other source, the scholarship from Schaeffler India will immediately get cancelled.
  • All the information provided in the form is correct. If found false, the application will be rejected.
  • All the information provided will be used for Scholarship purpose only.